Twin-Sheet Thermoforming

Our expertise in the twin-sheet thermoforming processes

Twin-sheet thermoforming: a rigid structure, an empty cavity, often eliminating assembly steps

  • Twin-sheet thermoforming is a highly-specialized process for converting plastic sheets.
  • The technique consists of simultaneously heating two plastic sheets and molding them in a single process.
  • The sheets are sealed by the pressure of the molds.
  • The sheets can be different colors and thicknesses.

The Plastitel manufacturing patent in the twin-sheet thermoforming process.

Plastitel’s US patent 7665982 B2 is a crowning achievement in their development efforts for a unique production method.

It consists of inserting a component between two plastic sheets during the molding process: metal structure, foam insulation, mechanical inserts, etc.

Different parting lines are also possible: horizontal or vertical.

The size of the parts that we can mold for the twin-sheet process can reach 4 feet x 8 feet, with a depth of up to 48 inches (2 x 24 inches).

For twin-sheet molding, Plastitel can thermoform plastic sheets of different thicknesses, from .060 up to .250 inches.

We thermoform plastic parts by twin-sheet molding with negative-draft, undercut areas.

Tool manufacturing is often very complex in order to achieve these results.