Plastitel, a transportation sector partner

Our thermoformed parts will meet your needs.

Automobile parts, luggage compartments, utility trailers, wagon portholes frames, and much more, Plastitel meets many needs in the transportation sector.

Thermoformed plastic surpasses other technologies such as wood and aluminum:

  • Lighter
  • Highly competitive price
  • Provides customized molded parts according to your style and design
  • Provides excellent quality finishes

Plastitel can adapt, whatever your specifications:

  • Dimensions
  • Quantities
  • Finishes

The variety of available plastics allows our customers to obtain finished products with mechanical properties equivalent to those of other materials, surpassing them from a quality perspective.

Our experience ensures a quality partnership.

In the transportation sector, weight is a major factor when designing parts. The materials used in our production lines meet the requirements of this challenge. Plastitel has worked in the transportation sector for many years and uses materials that meet the requirements of road transportation standards for bus parts, recreational vehicles, and even the railway industry.

Textures, patterns, colors: Plastitel offers everything in a one-step production:

Reduce your assembly steps through a one-step production of thermoformed parts.

Compared to aluminum and wood, which require an additional stage to add a coat of paint, plastic can in one step be produced with the desired color, even in respect to multiple colors, patterns and degrees of transparency.

Styrenes (ABS, HIPS) Shock resistant
Stable dimensions
Dashboards, coating, air conditioners, luggage rack, compartments
Polyolefin (PP, PE) Electric insulation
Chemical resistance
Light switches, fluid reservoirs
Polycarbonate Shock resistance
Light and signage covers
PVC Flame retardancy
High resistance

Recreational vehicles

School buses