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13 August 2019

Level 2 ECORESPONSIBLE Certification for Plastitel

A year after earning Level 1 - Engagement of the ECORESPONSIBLE certification, Plastitel has advanced to Level 2 - Performance Plastitel has been awarded Level 2 - Performance of the ECORESPONSIBLE certification by the Council of Sustainable Industries (CSI). We are very proud of...

16 April 2019

Firmly committed to sustainable development

Plastitel Awarded Level 1 - Engagement Certification under the ECORESPONSIBLE Program We are proud to announce that Plastitel has earned Level 1 - Engagementcertification under the ECORESPONSIBLE Program, administered by the Council of Sustainable Industries (CSI). This honour recognizes our commitment to integrating the principles of sustainable...

01 June 2017

30th Anniversary Celebrations

In June 2017, Plastitel is celebrating its 30th year and is preparing a calendar of events to thank these employees for their good work and their involvement that has allowed us to be where we are today. Clic here to read full article...

30 May 2017

The power of listening

The mayer of Laval, Marc Demers, and his team, visited a number of the city's PME. Clic here to read full article ...

22 November 2016

Environmental management

Although, for years, plastic has become more and more important in our lives, Plastitel wants to have a minimal impact on the environment. Indeed, in October 2016, Plastitel was granted ISO 14001 certification for environmental management. The purpose of this standard is to assist companies...