Plastitel, partner of industry sector players

Various materials to meet all your needs

No matter the features, the choice of materials is crucial. Polymers now offer:

  • Considerable resistance
  • Attractive visual appearance
  • Longer lifespan
  • Choice of products which is constantly renewed
  • Affordable cost
  • Thermoforming can offer various designs

Minimal costs enables the production of limited quantities and allows you to change your models from one year to another.

Plastitel, manufacturer for the industrial sector since 1987:

Lighting: Domes for street lights, commercial lighting. Plastitel has acquired expertise in this field and is able to provide sharp-cut profiles enabling easy and aesthetic installation on light fixtures.

We excel in refined techniques for polycarbonate and polyacrylic molds. All our parts are impressive in terms of purity and quality.

  • Heat pumps: heat pump casings for pools, heating, air conditioning (central air system)
  • Electronics: Touch screen envelopes
  • Electrical: Vapor barriers installed on electrical boxes
  • Arcade Games
  • Manufacturing for assembly lines: trays, tote boxes.

Specific raw materials for the industrial sector:

The many developments in the field of plastics allows for increasingly versatile materials to be obtained. To varying degrees, most materials now offer UV resistance and a price range that meets your needs. Let us know what you require.

Vehicle Finishes

Arcade games