Design and Prototyping

Plastitel’s design expertise

Plastitel accompanies you from the outset of your project; from creating a prototype, to helping you finalize the modified technical drawings needed for the thermoforming process.

Precise parts adjustments for better aesthetics

Customers, for whom product aesthetics is important, know they can rely on Plastitel’s expertise. For over 25 years, we have developed the know-how allowing us to accurately control temperatures for molding and cooling parts. In addition to our other capabilities, this expertise allows us to produce components adjusted to perfection, offering a higher tolerance index than industry standards.

This consistency in parts finishing is highly appreciated by our customers as it improves their quality controls.

Extreme precision prototypes are rapidly produced, for an accelerated return on investment

Offering over 200 new products every year, our R&D and Design department demonstrates its great capacity for work and innovation on a daily basis. Moreover, thanks to our 5-axis CNC cutting equipment, parts are quickly and accurately cut allowing prototypes to be produced at a steady pace.

Since Plastitel management surrounded itself with experienced technicians and became determined to ensure perfection in every project, the company has established a standard product development time of 3 to 4 weeks, and if necessary, can even deliver prototypes in 10 days. Considering that the market benchmark is usually 4 to 6 weeks, our industrial customers are happy to begin marketing their new products sooner than expected, and as a consequence, enjoy a substantial competitive advantage against their competitors.

You can also benefit from an accelerated profitability of your initial operations as well as your return on investment.

An ability to deliver several prototypes at once, in order to have a successful simultaneous launch

At Plastitel, challenges are part of our daily lives. Whether developing a twin-sheet, metal-reinforced barrier for the medical sector or designing and manufacturing non-standard doors for an industrial film printer, our versatility and creativity are paralleled in importance by our ability to simultaneously deliver several prototypes.

This particularly appeals to customers who are on the offensive and must manage simultaneous product launches. Our commitment: deliver all the components that you need in record time after being thermoformed to perfection.

Plastitel can accompany you in the following processes:

Complete thermoforming design, tool prototypes, production tools, production in our plants § manufacturing of the finished product parts.

Plastitel helps you define your needs. The following elements determine which solution is the right choice:


Delivery time frame


Project phase (prototype, production)

Level of detailed precision

Dimensional tolerance

Degree of integrated operations: any or all can be done at Plastitel

Examples of tool mold materials that we offer:

Prototype tools:

  • Wood
  • Urethane resin

Production tools:

  • Epoxy
  • Aluminum-reinforced epoxy
  • Aluminum casting
  • Aluminum

If necessary, our equipment has cooling systems which allow us to increase the pace of our production.

Different materials for different types of tools:

  • Available molds, cutting systems, programming, cooling fixtures, assembly facilities.
  • The mold is made according to the type of material being molded.
  • The material is designed to meet the specific shrinkage and direction of the defined plastic.
  • Textures can be shaped in the part, no matter the type of mold.